Another halloween movies post with maybe something different?

A great list of some different but very intriguing scary movies written by my sister on our film blog Critical Focus.

Critical Focus

by Jacqueline Valencia

Everything about this year is odd and upside down due to Covid-19. Birthdays, thanksgivings, weddings, concerts, are all up in the air or modified to a virtual medium. Theatre going is right out, in most places, so the experience of new films has been delegated to what you can get at home. Streaming services are constantly being used here, and whatever hard media you have, you might actually using right now.

It’s the afternoon of Halloween 2020 here in Toronto. It’s chilly, but the sun is big out and there’s a full moon predicted on this Saturday night. But WE CAN’T CELEBRATE IT like we usually do. The night this year is unlike any other and the best I can do is fill my night with film. Whether it’s new films or classic horror, there are many lists out there for horror lovers out there. Here, I…

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